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About Haas Chiropractic Clinic

Haas Chiropractic Clinic was established in 1976 by Dr. Rick Haas. After graduating from Palmer Chiropractic College, Dr. Rick and his wife were looking to open a practice close to their family. Raised in Sioux City, he began to take a look around. One visit to Mason City was all it took-it wasn’t far to drive to see loved ones, and the community seemed like a perfect fit.

Dr. Rick’s son, Dr. David Haas, joined him in practice in 2005. That makes Haas Chiropractic Clinic a true family practice!

Our Purpose

To change the health of our community naturally with chiropractic care.

It’s our goal to make sure area residents don’t have to rely on medications or surgeries. With chiropractic, you can preserve your mobility and long-term health-all by using your body’s innate healing abilities.

Get Ready for a New Experience

No matter where you have been before (including other chiropractors’ offices) we believe what you will experience with us is completely different. We are caring, thorough and specific in all that we do. As Christians, each part of our practice is all about faith. We are dedicated to treating people well and helping them to the best of our abilities!

Erase Decades of Pain

You may have been to see other providers such as physical therapists, medical doctors, orthopedists or neurosurgeons. Regardless of your outcomes from these avenues, rest assured: there is more that we can likely do for you.

One such case involved a man who’d been suffering from moderate to severe low back pain for 25 years. He went everywhere and saw everyone, but nothing could touch the pain. Though reluctant, he decided to give our office a try.

After six weeks of care, he came in and announced that his wife no longer had to help him put shoes or pants on. And the progress continued. Today, the man is completely out of pain and receives regular wellness checkups to stay healthy. He can move, exercise and work without any restrictions!

That may seem miraculous. But for us, it’s a story we hear pretty often. We know that these kinds of results can happen for anyone.

Why Chiropractic Is Different

Americans spend astounding amounts of money on health care. Yet people aren’t getting well. Health is on the decline. We live longer than we have at any time in history, but aren’t taking care of ourselves. People are using wheelchairs, walkers and canes at younger and younger ages.

We want to save you money, time, frustration and energy. Chiropractic is the conservative option in health care-the starting point that everyone should try before moving on to more invasive, costly choices.

Learn More Today

Want to find out about chiropractic? Contact us today to book a free consultation at our chiropractic office!

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