Chiropractic Testimonials

"David is absolutely amazing to work with! He makes sure you understand what is going on and what he will do to help fix it!"

- Haley J.

"These people are amazing. They truly do great with their jobs! Thank you much Haas Chiropractic!!"

- Chloe L.

"The staff and Drs are kind and professional. They literally changed my life!"

- Pam G.

"Dr. Dave and Dr. Rick do a great job of finding the problem and fixing it. I highly recommend them for not only problem spots but everyday health care."

- Jannell B.

"If you're in any pain don't hesitate to stop for a consultation! I had back pain for years and it disappeared with the first treatment. My shoulder is worse but both Dr. Rick and Dr. Dave have done wonders. I thought I would need surgery but praying the treatments to keep me out of that situation! Haas Clinic is a wonderful, friendly place that cares. Truly a Godsend!!"

- Roger-Teresa T.

"Dr. Dave and everyone at the clinic is so friendly!! You won’t catch a single employee there without a smile. You never feel out of place there. Highly recommend maintenance visits as my pain has decreased significantly!! They’ll always squeeze you in last minute if you’re having pain. I’ll never go anywhere else. Thanks for all you do!!"

- Jenna C.


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